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Zero Risk Guarantee

Zero Risk Guarantee

Our expert counselors hold your hand and guide you from starting at career counseling, ending with airport pick-up, student accommodation and even help get you part-time jobs. All FREE!!

IBSAR Study Abroad counsellors work with you to understand your goals, constraints, qualifications and successes to help find the perfect fit for you.

We handle all financial transactions thru pan-India network of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Authorized Forex Dealers. After receiving funds in India Rupees, we provide the cheapest rates and complete these actions on student’s behalf :


PAY Seat Retention Fee; Tuition Fee to Canadian College


OPEN student’s GIC account (mandatory) for Cdn $ 10,200


FILE VISA application for a small fee & counseling


Assist in pre-departure process (best priced Airline Ticket, foreign exchange, insurance etc.)