How can Indian Students study abroad after the 12th?

How can Indian Students study abroad after the 12th?

An International Degree is the best option to put you ahead of your peers. Earning an international degree gives you a chance for global exposure and enhances your opportunity for well-paid placements too. That’s why students from different countries choose to study abroad right after completing their senior school.

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Several countries worldwide are known for quality education: Canada, the USA, and Australia. Here are the little steps you must remember while choosing your study abroad destination after the 12th.

Identify the field you want to study abroad:

The first thing to cover a path is to discover its address. Search your ultimate destination; what’s your life goal? Before choosing the right university for you, you must select the right course that fits your interests and aptitude. The primary options that international students prefer for undergraduate studies are Natural Science, Business Administration, Arts and Architecture, Engineering and Medicines.

Search the best study abroad destination as per your selected course:

After finalizing the course, search the countries that favour your course the most. Your choice of the country may also depend on the factors such as:

  1. The climate of the country
  2. Cultural of the country
  3. Cost of study
  4. Internship and job opportunities offered
  5. The living standard of the region
  6. The primary language of the region

Shortlist the universities:

Now, your third task should be identifying the best university for your course. For this very research, you can consider the following factors:

  1. Fees and other relevant charges
  2. Application deadlines and other requisites
  3. Academic and research opportunities available for your course

Apply for standard tests required:

Now you have finalized the country and course of your interest; you need to focus on the standardized tests required to study abroad. Some commonly asked international exams are:

  1. English language proficiency exams: IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo and PTE.
  2. Other language proficiency tests for French, German, Chinese, etc.
  3. Some verbal, quantitative, and reasoning tests may be required.

Apply to your favourite universities:

Following the required tests, now apply to the universities you have shortlisted. Your applications should be made right before the deadlines. And for applying, you might require a few of the following documents.

  1. Previous Results
  2. Scorecard of ILETS or PTE
  3. Financial capability certificate, 
  4. Statement of Purpose,
  5. Letter of Recommendation, 
  6. Application Essay

Apply for the student visa:

Hit the final step and now apply for your study visa. To enter any country, you require a valid study visa. You need to have at least the following documents for a valid study visa.

  1. Valid passport
  2. Filled application form
  3. Proof of Merit
  4. Language proficiency
  5. Admission letter from the university

In such simple yet systemic steps, you can mark your journey to your study abroad destination. If you still have any queries, IBSAR is always here at your rescue.

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