Experiences from International Students studying in Canada

Experiences from International Students studying in Canada

Volunteering, co-ops, and work experiences: Canada has a lot to offer -Canada

One of the best study abroad destinations for international students in the world is Canada. It is marked as one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries. And, here we have some international students from Canada who share their adventures and experience in Canada with us.

Amongst all the countries I assessed to study abroad, I chose to come to Canada because it is the most multicultural and diverse society with high tolerance levels. In addition, I am so happy that currently, unemployment is running at almost 5.6%, and that means there is ample job opportunity in Canada; I just can’t wait to start my life in Canada, where everyone respects each other,” says Arman Ansari, a Financial Planning and Wealth Management student at Lambton College, whose program at Lambton College started on May 9th, 2022.

Arman, who recently joined Lambton College, interacted with the faculty and the teaching methodology and found that it differs from India and loves it. “The Canadian teachers and faculty are very different from faculty in India. The faculty here is passionate about what they teach and uses different modes and methodologies to teach and transmit their knowledge, ” said Mr. Ansari.

Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

Another International student, Maria Jose, who just passed the Post-Graduate Program at Conestoga College, is happy that students can get up to 3yrs of Post Graduation Work permits in Canada. Jose says, ”I am so relieved that after 2-yrs of studying in Canada, I will right away qualify for a 3-yr Post-Graduation Work Permit, allowing me to gain valuable Canadian work Experience towards getting my Permanent Residency in Canada. Settling down after my education is essential to me. And Canada provides so many wonderful options for international students to settle down through their many Immigrants Pathway programs like CEC, OINP, etc.”


Volunteering in Canada is the best way to earn work experience, create new friendships and relationships and add new skills to your resume that improves your employability. By joining or volunteering in well-known and more prominent organizations, you can gain invaluable leadership skills, develop self-confidence, and establish connections with your peers.

Mary Ho, a Chinese student, is pleased about the result of her volunteering at her MBA school. According to Mary, volunteering allowed her to develop her soft skills and interviewing skills, establish new relationships and gain a lot of confidence, allowing her to land her final placement working as a Sports Facilitator at Telus in Toronto.

Co-op programs

One of the great ways to make a great career in Canada is to study programs with Co-op options and another excellent way for students to gain experience and connect with employers in their industry. Rachael Tomacie, a Romanian student at Centennial College, said, “I immensely enjoyed doing my co-op. I worked in Clinical Research at University Health Networks, looking at infectious diseases. The experience of doing research in such a large scientific community as Ontario was enriching. This Co-op has led me to a full-time job at the same Company.

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