Eligibility and Requirements for Study Permit to Study in Canada

Experiences from International Students studying in Canada

Canada is one of the top Study Abroad destinations for International students due to a variety of reasons like Top Universities and Colleges, Affordable Education, Pathway to Canadian Permanent Residency and Citizenship. Students worldwide see Canada as the best choice to pursue higher education, especially Indian Students. According to Wikipedia, in 2019, there were around 2,19,000 Indian students in Canada, constituting 34% of the total international students in the country.

 If you are on this blog, and you already have admission to a Designated Learning Institution in Canada, then applying for a Study Permit is your next step. Here, in this blog, we will inform you about the documents and other requirements for Indian students to study abroad in Canada. 

Before moving to the main section of the blog, allow us to introduce ourselves. IBSAR Study Abroad is the top education consultancy in India. IBSAR offers free Study Abroad Education Counseling, Admissions Counseling, Profile creation and Profile evaluation and Admissions to Colleges in Canada (provided the student meets the minimum eligibility requirements).

Eligibility of Indian Student required to study permit in Canada:

To apply for Canada Student Permit, a student must:

  1. Enrolled at a DLI, i.e., designated learning institutes.
  2. Prove that the candidate has sufficient funds to pay for his education, living, flight tickets, and other expenses.
  3. Haven’t committed any criminal offense.
  4. Obey the law.
  5. Be in good health.
  6. Prove the officer that he will return to his country as soon as the permit expires.

List of documents Indian Students require for Canada Study Permit:

For Canada Study Permit, an Indian student needs the following documents:

Proof of Identification

Proof of Identification helps to identify you as an individual. For this purpose, you have to use the following documents.

  1. A valid passport (upload the information page for applying online; you must send the original passport after approval).
  2. Two passport sizes recently clicked photographs (make sure to write your name and date on the back of the photographs).

Proof of Acceptance

To apply for Canada Study Permit, a student requires an admission offer letter from a recognized university. You can either submit the original document or a digital copy.

Financial Support Statement

Another critical requirement of the Canadian Government for the Canada Study Permit is proof of financial support. This ensures your financial stability to the Government. For this purpose, you can use any of these documents:

  1. Bank statement (of at least the past four months).
  2. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).
  3. Canadian Bank Account proof (if already opened).
  4. Tuition fees statement (paid only)
  5. Any scholarship proof (for availing scholarships at the top Canadian universities, contact IBSAR today).
  6. Proof of education loan (if taken).
  7. Statement from the person or institution supporting you financially.

Letter of explanation to the Visa officer

Along with the above documents, you should also attach an explanation letter describing your goals and purpose to the Visa officer. In the letter, you should also confirm that you understand your responsibilities as an international student in Canada.

A Police Certificate

For Canada Study Permit, the candidate requires a police certificate mentioning that he is a law-abiding citizen of his country.

Health Certificate

A medical health report must be attached from an affiliated medical institute, ensuring that you are in healthy condition.

If you plan to choose Quebec as your study abroad destination in Canada, you have to obtain a Certificat d’ acceptation du Quebec from the Government of Quebec. The important documents for Indian Students to Study in Canada are listed above. For more information, contact the education experts at IBSAR.

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